What are the Benefits of Attending a GA Meeting?

Gamblers Anonymous is a community of people who want the same goal: freedom from gambling addiction. Many Gamblers Anonymous members may also be struggling with other mental health or behavioral addictions. As a group, Gamblers Anonymous members share their wisdom, experiences, ideas for maintaining recovery, and healthy habits so that others may benefit. Members offer each other support, understanding, compassion, and solace when times are tough. Often, Gamblers Anonymous members will serve as sponsors to newer members who need more intensive support or a person to call when urges hit.

When you attend a Gamblers Anonymous meeting, you will meet with other people struggling with the same problem gambling behaviors. The session begins with a short prayer that lets members thank their higher power for help in overcoming their addictions. The principles of Gamblers Anonymous are based on the idea that recovery involves hearing stories and learning from the wisdom of others. During the meeting, members have the chance to share their experiences, worries, fears, and successes. Members can also discuss any temptations they may have recently had. You might also find the person you would like to have as a sponsor.

Participating in Gamblers Anonymous (GA) – A Transformative Journey

1. Supportive Community:

  • GA fosters a sense of community where individuals find understanding, empathy, and shared experiences.
  • The supportive environment counters the isolation often associated with gambling addiction.

2. Mutual Understanding:

  • Sharing personal stories of addiction builds bridges of empathy.
  • Participants experience a judgment-free zone where they can openly discuss the complexities of their journey.

3. Anonymity as a Cornerstone:

  • Anonymity, a central tenet of GA, creates a secure environment for individuals to be honest about their struggles.
  • Protection of identity is crucial in a society where stigma around gambling addiction persists.

4. Accountability Through Regular Attendance:

  • Regular attendance at GA meetings introduces an element of accountability.
  • Participants share progress, setbacks, and challenges, fostering a sense of personal responsibility.

5. Guidance from Peers:

  • Having a sponsor, typically an experienced member, provides mentorship and guidance.
  • A sponsor becomes a confidant, offering insights, strategies, and emotional support.

6. Structured Twelve Step Program:

  • The Twelve Step program offers a systematic approach to recovery.
  • It guides individuals through self-reflection, making amends, and embracing a new way of life.

7. Coping Strategies Development:

  • GA meetings are a forum for sharing and developing coping strategies.
  • Practical ways to deal with triggers and manage stress without gambling are exchanged among participants.

8. Emotional Support:

  • Emotional support is a cornerstone of the GA experience.
  • GA meetings provide a judgment-free space for expressing emotions, receiving understanding, and building resilience.

9. Hope and Inspiration:

  • Witnessing success stories within the GA community instills hope.
  • Success stories serve as a tangible reminder that recovery is achievable, motivating individuals to persist.

10. Building Connections:

  • GA provides a network of supportive individuals.
  • Building connections within the fellowship offers ongoing encouragement and reinforcement of positive behaviors.

11. Relapse Prevention:

  • Preventing relapse is a focal point of GA’s impact.
  • The support and strategies gained within the fellowship significantly contribute to relapse prevention.

12. Holistic Approach to Recovery:

  • GA encourages a holistic approach, addressing underlying issues contributing to addiction.
  • The emphasis on overall well-being distinguishes GA as a comprehensive recovery resource.

13. Access to Resources:

  • GA offers literature, resources, and tools.
  • These resources provide additional insights into recovery and offer practical guidance for maintaining a gambling-free life.

14. Beyond Cessation of Gambling:

  • GA doesn’t only focus on cessation; it promotes a healthier and more balanced lifestyle.
  • The emphasis on overall well-being distinguishes GA as a comprehensive recovery resource.

In choosing to engage with GA, individuals open themselves up to a transformative journey toward a life free from the shackles of gambling addiction. The holistic approach, combined with the power of community and anonymity, positions GA as a beacon of hope for those seeking recovery from compulsive gambling.


Gamblers Anonymous meetings often last 60 to 90 minutes and meet once or multiple times per week. People suffering from gambling addiction can attend the same meeting regularly or can attend any meeting near them whenever the urge to gamble hits.

benefits of attending a ga meeting

benefits of attending a GA meeting