Finding a Friend for Your Recovery:

how to get a sponsor

Starting your journey to recovery is a big step, and having a sponsor can make a world of difference. A sponsor is like a supportive friend who helps you stay on track. This article will guide you through the simple steps to find a sponsor who will be there for you in your recovery journey.

  1. Join Support Meetings Regularly
    Go to meetings where people talk about their own recovery. This is where you’ll find someone who can be your sponsor.
  2. Watch and Talk
    Pay attention to the people who talk in the meetings. Some might have stories that you relate to. After the meeting, try to talk to them.
  3. Ask Nicely
    When you find someone you like, ask them kindly if they can be your sponsor. It’s like asking a friend for help.
  4. Find Someone Like You
    Look for a person who had similar problems like you. They will understand you better.
  5. Talk Clearly
    Have an honest talk with your potential sponsor. Ask them how often you’ll meet and what they expect from you.
  6. Both Agree
    Both of you should agree on how you’ll work together. Talk about when you’ll meet and what you want to achieve.
  7. Trust Your Feelings
    Choose someone you feel comfortable with. It’s like picking a friend you trust.
  8. Be Honest
    Tell your sponsor about your problems and feelings. It’s okay to share. They want to help.
  9. Respect Their Time
    Remember, your sponsor is helping you because they want to. Be grateful and respect their time.
  10. Get Help When You Need It
    A sponsor is like a guide, not a therapist. If you need professional help, they’ll support you in finding it.
  11. Keep Talking
    Stay in touch with your sponsor.
  12. Share your progress
    Always share your progress to your sponsor and talk about any problems.

Getting a sponsor is like making a new friend who helps you in your recovery journey. By going to meetings, talking to people, and asking for help, you can find a sponsor who will be there for you. Remember, you’re not alone. With your sponsor by your side, you can face the challenges of recovery together.