1. Only one speaks at a time, no “cross talking”. Cross talking refers to the act of interrupting, directly commenting on, or giving unsolicited advice during another member’s share, which is discouraged to maintain a respectful and supportive environment.
  2. Use the “I” statement in sharing. Avoid saying us, we, them. This is to practice taking ownership of your sharing.
  3. Put your device on mute at all times if you are not sharing.
  4. Turn off your video if you are doing personal chores like cooking, eating or lying down.  Dress appropriately so as not to not distract other members.  Turn on your video once you are presentable.
  5. Taking pictures and videos is strictly prohibited at anytime. Let us treat the online meeting as if we were attending a regular face to face meeting.
  6. Limit your sharing to 5 minutes so that everyone is given a chance to share. Please do not take offence if the chairperson signals you to wrap things up.

*** NEWCOMERS are encouraged to TURN ON their videos and introduce themselves by saying their Nickname and affliction. For example: “James, compulsive gambler”. Rest assured that everyone and everything is treated with confidentiality in our meetings.