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Please note that we are not connected with any casino or any gambling-related enterprise. We are a fellowship of men and women who are RECOVERING from a Gambling ADDICTION.


The Road to Recovery

Gambling addiction is a serious problem affecting individuals across the globe. The allure of high stakes, thrilling games, and the potential to win big can quickly spiral out of control, leading to devastating consequences for the individual and their loved ones. For those caught in the grips of this addiction, Gamblers Anonymous provides a lifeline towards recovery and support.

Recovery from gambling addiction is a complex and ongoing process. Gamblers Anonymous strives to provide support throughout this journey, emphasizing the importance of abstinence coupled with personal growth and behavioral change. Through its twelve-step program, meetings, and additional resources, Gamblers Anonymous empowers individuals to rediscover a life free from the shackles of gambling addiction.

If you or someone you know struggles with gambling addiction, reaching out to Gamblers Anonymous can be the first step towards seeking the help needed for a brighter future. Remember, recovery is possible, and support is available.

GA meetings form the backbone of the recovery process. These meetings bring together individuals facing similar challenges in a non-judgmental environment. Sharing stories, struggles, and triumphs fosters a sense of camaraderie and establishes a support network of individuals who truly understand the struggles and triumphs of overcoming gambling addiction.

These meetings are often held in a variety of settings, from community centers to churches or even online platforms, making them accessible to a wide range of people. The anonymity offered at Gamblers Anonymous meetings creates a safe space for attendees to share openly without fear of judgment or stigma. gambling addiction in the Philippines. Gambling Addiction Philippines.